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Specifically designed for franchisors
and multi-unit service businesses.
GISASS is flexible, ownable
and built on

GISASS puts you in the driver's seat.

Want to know more?
Then get going.

100% Cloud,
100% Freedom.

Finally, freedom from being
chained to a software company.
GISASS can be self-managed on
your services instance. We're
your proprietary services without
the hassle of building it
from scratch.

Pop Quiz!

What is the primary reason
CIOs get fired?

A. Choosing a small, privately held company’s software to run your core business? B. Spending two years customizing and the software’s still not ready to go? C. Not taking 10 minutes to check out the best way to run a service business?

Answer: GISASS is built on,
a multi billion-dollar public company known
to be the consistent leader in easily
configurable cloud software. With tens of
thousands of expert developers worldwide,
you can take control if needed.

Features that
drive efficiency.
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Client Management

Keep all information and a full history on every customer.

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Employee Management

Easily manage staff, employee roles, pay rates and schedules.

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Availability Engine

Keep track of staff availability so you never overbook or assign work to unavailable employees.

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Quickly see who is doing what and when. Drag and drop for easy rescheduling.

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Jobs and Scheduling

Easily manage one-time jobs or recurring schedules.

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Visualize your schedules in a pleasing daily, weekly or monthly calendar with quick access to important data.

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Mapping and Routing

Plot service locations on a map, find the best route and quickly email your workers.

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Any time, anywhere access from any computer, tablet or smart phone with Internet access.

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Invoice clients, charge credit cards, track payments and keep tabs on account balances.

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Easily manage worker payroll and job costing.

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Estimating Engine

Quickly price jobs, email proposals and manage the sales process.

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Lead Management

Web leads automatically entered, easily managed with marketing details and follow-up tracking.

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Manage won and lost estimates and closing percentages with automated email templates and scripts.

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Reporting and Dashboards

Anyone, even non-developers can create reports and beautiful color dashboards in minutes.

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Call Centre Module

Easily set up and manage a centralized call centre. Add agents. Determine participating offices.

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Multi-location Management

Easily manage hundreds of franchisees or hundreds of company- owned stores.

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Website Integration

Consumer-completed forms on your website are submitted directly into GISASS.

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Territory Management

Easily manage your locations, including postal code assignment, local taxes, local pricing and more.

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Gift Card Management

Easily process and track gift cards for your entire organization.

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Voucher Management

Easily create vouchers (e.g. Groupon and LivingSocial). Use vouchers as payment and track voucher balances.

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Transaction Management

Painlessly manage transactions, including refunds, adjustments and voids.

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Credit Card Processing

Securely charge client credit cards directly from within GISASS. Choose from multiple integrated vendors.

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Security and Access Controls

Enterprise-grade security lets you manage who can see or edit what.

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System Management

Effortlessly add, delete and edit system users; set up, change or remove offices and more.

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Email Campaign Module

Create and send custom email campaigns, set automated emails based on trigger events, as well as drip emails.

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Touch Screen

Want to set up the ability to use your application with a touch screen? Now you can.

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Marketing Campaign Management

Complete tracking of all your marketing activities, including ROI reports.

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Data Migration Module

Advanced import flawlessly migrates your existing data into Zervice.

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Embedded Work flow Automation

Enable triggers to kick off specific actions based on changes to clients, employees, jobs, etc.

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Franchise Management

Easily manage your entire franchise from selling to supporting your franchisees.

Pop Quiz!

What’s the average number of
months before a client feels
trapped by their software company?

A. 6-12 months B. 12-24 months C. Before the software’s even released.

Answer: Becoming trapped isn’t a matter of
IF, it’s a matter of WHEN. With GISASS, you
can own and manage the software. Your
company can finally determine what
features you want, when you want them.
And more importantly,
which features you don’t.

Benefits that FUEL success. View All

No hardware to manage. No
servers to buy. Easy to administer
and simple to use, GISASS is
entirely cloud-based. Which means
you're connected to your business
any time, from anywhere.

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In The Cloud

No software to install. No servers to buy. No hardware to manage.

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Any time, Anywhere

Works any time, anywhere from any device with an Internet connection.

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Real-time Data

Data from across the organization is brought together in real time.

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The Features You Need

Out of the box with the features
you need. None of the features
you don’t.

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Change it Any time.

Never again wait for a software company’s “next release.”

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Keep Secret Features Secret

No more telling your software
company, and their other clients,
your business secrets.

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Timed Reports

Schedule reports to show up
in your inbox at 6:02 a.m.

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No Handcuffs

Never be trapped by a software company again. Easily leave or manage things on your own.

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Best of Breed

Don’t risk your software company
going out of business. GISASS
is best of breed.

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We Understand Service

We have deep knowledge of service business and can add tremendous value to your organization.

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We Understand Franchising

GIS and Asheesh love GISASS. With just the right balance of control to make things easy to learn and easy to support.

SEE FOR Yourself

GISASS Designed by multi-unit service
business experts.
You can reach us at-
+91-9651696814 (India)

To see the GISASS difference,
schedule a meeting today.

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